Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Creative Solutions

Seeing the ongoing stream of letters to the editor about bicycles in Old Town, it seems to me the focus should not be on motorists who think bicyclists should behave differently (e.g., not run stop signs), or on bicyclists who feel pedestrians should behave differently (e.g., not jaywalk), or on pedestrians who feel both motorists and bicyclists should behave differently, but rather the focus should be on making Old Town more accommodating to bicycles. Bicyclists using the many bike trails in the D.C. area need to get through Old Town.

How about making half of Union Street one way south for cars, with the other half segregated for bicycles? Besides countries like the Netherlands, and cities like Portland, Ore., communities right in our own area, like Bethesda and Silver Spring, are doing things to make things more accommodating to bicycles. They have found that making things more accommodating to bicycles cuts down on automobile traffic and more bicycles on the road make motorists more tolerant of bicycles. I think we could get creative, rather than complain and expect our law enforcement officers to solve the problem.

Mike Schauer


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