Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Safety Is Everyone’s Concern

Months ago, around the time of the George Washington Parade, I took a photo of a damaged sign along the 700 block of Wilkes Street of Alexandria around the same week of the George Washington Parade. I called the city at 703-746-4000 and it was replaced (and then damaged and replaced again just last month).

I also saw sidewalk/curb damage at the corner of the 600 block of Wilkes and 400 block of South Washington Street where no repair was done until I called it in after weeks as of thinking someone else would have called.

When residents see something unsafe, they should use the city’s Call Click Connect online or call 703-746-4000 and report the damage.

Not everything can be solved by the city. I photographed a damaged lamp pole in the 200 block of South Washington and Prince Street, but it’s on federal property according to the city’s code enforcement office. It’s sitting up high above ground level and it could hurt pedestrians or motorists if wind or rain further damaged its eroded base.

Activist Geri Baldwin


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