Week in Vienna: Juvenile Arson & Vandalism Suspects Arrested

The Vienna Police and Fairfax County Police departments have charged two juveniles, a 14-year-old Vienna resident and 13-year-old Reston resident, with several felony and misdemeanor crimes, including arson and destruction of property. These arrests are the result of a cooperative investigation conducted by the Vienna Police Department, Fairfax County Police Department, and Fairfax County Fire Marshal’s Office. The charges relate to the fire set Oct. 14 at the former Marco Polo restaurant at 245 Maple Avenue West in Vienna as well as the Sept. 9 vandalism of several buses in the rear parking lot of the same location. Other charges filed relate to the Nov. 4 vandalism of two historic government buildings near Lahey Lost Valley Park, which caused several thousand dollars in damage. The investigation into bomb threats in McLean and Reston is ongoing. The police departments would like to acknowledge the citizens who came forward to provide information about these cases and to thank residents for their patience during this investigation. Anyone who has additional information concerning these cases is asked to contact MPO Juan Vazquez at Vienna Police Department.

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