‘Where The Past Is Your Present’ in Alexandria

The Old Town Shop celebrates second anniversary.

The Old Town Shop, a gift boutique highlighting the historic heritage of Alexandria, celebrated its second anniversary with a weekend of special events culminating March 31.

Located at 105 South Union St., the retail store opened in March of 2017 as the vision of longtime resident Valerie Ianieri, who sought to feature local artisan products and celebrate the city’s maritime heritage.

“We are excited to have a shop that is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the charm and uniqueness of Old Town Alexandria,” said Ianieri, whose slogan for the shop is “Where the past is your present.”

Ianieri commissioned custom-designed “OTX” and Old Town Alexandria branded merchandise and features a variety of local curated artisan products that are offered at the Old Town Farmers Market in the section of the store called Locals’ Alley. The Port is the section of the store that promotes the history of Alexandria, known as The Port City, with a representation of 12 state mile markers to depict the historic importance of the area.

The store also features regular events that spotlight local vendors, writers and artisans.

“My focus is to preserve and promote the history, creativity and culture of Alexandria locals and the Commonwealth of Virginia,” Ianieri added.

See www.theoldtownshop.com.

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