Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Senators Urged to Restore Fairness

I heard, hundreds of children came back from school one day to an empty house, their parents having been taken into custody without warning for being undocumented immigrants. The president has claimed that undocumented immigrants are a threat to the country, but the thought that the parents of schoolchildren constitute any measure of threat that would make the trauma inflicted on these kids justified is preposterous.

I urge Sen. Kaine and Sen. Warner to keep working hard to bring justice and fairness into this country, because we need good people like them in positions of power at this critical moment of our country’s history. Any energy they could direct towards trying to abate these terrible policies and bring some relief to these families is both necessary and well appreciated. I urge the Senators to please keep fighting for the best interest of all the American people.

Anthony Murphy-Neilson


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