Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Legal Doesn’t Make It Right

Recently the Alexandria City Council removed the name of former Alexandria Mayor Col. John Fitzgerald from the park at the foot of King Street on Alexandria’s Waterfront due to the fact that he was a slave owner. As Americans today we realize that slavery was morally reprehensible, inhuman and heartless. However, many citizens of their time felt since it was legal it was acceptable. It took President Lincoln leadership to put an end to this crime against humanity.

Fast forward 155 years to 2019 and look what took place last week in Virginia’s General Assembly. Several of Virginia’s elected representatives put a bill forward to loosen abortion restrictions to make it easier for a full term 9 month unborn child to be aborted up until the time of delivery. Our governor even implied in some cases after the child has been delivered.

A recent Gallup poll shows over 80 percent of Americans think third trimester abortions should be illegal and a much higher percentage up until the time of delivery. Virginia’s elected leaders who are advocating for abortion extremism are not representing their constituents but working for the pro-abortion lobby that that funds their campaigns and donated over $5m to Governor Northam alone.

Abortion is not a political issue but a human rights issue. Where are we as a country and a Commonwealth when our elected leaders are proposing these inhumane laws up until the time of birth.

A few generations from now, long after the Supreme Court has made abortion illegal, Americans will look back on this dark period in American history that took place from 1973 until the early 2020’s. Many of these modern day pro-abortion politicians will be dealing with the public ridicule that former slave owner and Alexandria Mayor Col. John Fitzgerald are dealing with today.

Just like slavery, abortion of a full term unborn child is morally reprehensible, inhuman and heartless. Evil will always lurk when good people do nothing. As we learned from slavery just because something is legal it does not make it right.

Frank Fannon


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