New Year's Resolutions: One Goal, One Number, This Year in Herndon

Gene Wiley, President of the Board of Directors of The Closet in Herndon: The Closet’s big goal for 2019 is to add an addition to the back of the store to protect our intake staff from the elements while they are receiving donations from the public. It is going to be 550 square feet. There’s a step-by-step process involved, town and county approval, bidding for a contractor, temporary alternate donation receiving area, construction, and “Grand Re-opening.“

Gwyn Whittaker, vendor at Reston Farmers Market: I am organizing the first Fairfax Veg Fest, planned this year on Sunday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Northwest Federal Credit Union parking area in Herndon... They were kind enough to offer this space for the Fairfax Veg Fest, which will be focused on the benefits of whole food, plant-based (vegan) lifestyle from a health, environment and compassion perspective. My goal this year is to host more than 5,000 people at this event to spread the awareness of the benefits of this lifestyle for people and the planet. There is no charge to attend this event, and we are currently seeking additional sponsors and vendors.

Chris Devine of Herndon: My resolution/story is a combination of personal and community-based if I do it right. I left a lucrative career in the defense business in late 2017 to open my own live music venue. Just one venue, thus the number “1.” I resolve to be open before 2019 ends. This venue will re-imagine the performing and listening experience for the artist and audience, striving to create a strong emotional connection and sense of community for both. I like to say, “Both the artist and audience deserve this!” Further, I want to create the underlying company as a “Benefit Corporation” with equal responsibilities to the community as stakeholders, via mission statements and measured results, and the investors as shareholders, via profitability. The venue will be a community asset. Wait, a community treasure.

Beth Meyer of Herndon: I resolve to ride at least 1,500 miles this year in spite of my never-ending battle against pulmonary sarcoidosis. #willnotbedefeated #weneedacure.

Jason Sickels of Herndon: Number 50 represents the number of families that a new nonprofit organization would like to help in 2019 with their basic cycling transportation needs. The foundation aims to introduce cycling to all in the community, including children and people who rely on cycling for transportation, adaptive sports and therapy. The foundation will repair or replace as needed bicycles and safety equipment to provide the best and safest cycling experience.

Tim Field of Herndon: 230 is the number of miles to pedal from Richmond to Charlottesville to Washington D.C. on the 2019 Police Unity Tour, Chapter IV that I will be riding in this year.

Ray Lonnett, Principal, Hutchison E.S., Herndon: 200 is the number of computers Hutchison E.S., a Title One School in Herndon needs so all students have one. The computer that FCPS uses for kids is a Dell 3380. People and organizations can donate them to the school. Each computer is approximately $400. Monetary donations can also be made to the school to support the technology acquisition.

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