Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Repaving Needed, Not Patchwork Repairs

I read with interest Alan Cohen's Dec. 19 letter "Defect in Repaving" about the standing water problem in the newly paved portions of Falls Road. Although I sympathize with the complaint, I invite Mr. Cohen and others to drive Falls Road and MacArthur Boulevard from River Road to the Clara Barton Parkway. Both streets are a hodgepodge of repairs, and in many cases the repairs are far worse than the potholes they supposedly "patched."

Several years ago, when Montgomery County assumed the maintenance of Falls Road south of River Road, we were told the county would do a better job of keeping the street in good repair. Clearly, that is not the case. I urge [Councilmember] Andrew Friedson to drive Falls and MacArthur from River Road to the Clara Barton Parkway. I am certain his conclusion will be the same as that of other Potomac residents: both are in dire need of complete repaving and not patchwork repairs.

Mona M. Signer


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