Cadet Sonya Erickson Receives the DAR Bronze JROTC Medal

Anna Maria Fitzhugh Chapter, NSDAR, is pleased to recognize the recipient of the DAR JROTC Medal and the winners of the DAR Youth Citizenship Award.

Cadet Sonya Erickson of Lake Braddock Secondary School received the DAR Bronze JROTC Medal.  Cadet Erickson has shown exceptional leadership skills and has served in numerous JROTC positions while maintaining an excellent academic record.  

The DAR Youth Citizenship Award is presented to a 6th grade student who fulfills the qualities of honor, service, courage, leadership and patriotism.

Cardinal Forest E.S.                            Edith Freeman

Cherry Run E.S.                                   Charlotte Reynado

Hunt Valley E.S                                    Alexandra Kocsis

Keene Mill E.S.                                     Elliana Waller

Kings Glen E.S.                                     Joseph Mrazik

Orange Hunt E.S.                                 Manaf Rahman

Rolling Valley E.S.                                Charly Barber

Sangster E.S.                                         Carter Smith

West Springfield E.S.                           Carina Rose Branch

White Oaks E.S.                                    Victoria Lee

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